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Wordcraft - Boardgame

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  • Gratis verzending in NL vanaf € 60,-
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Wordcraft - Boardgame
Wordcraft - Boardgame
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As members of the local Society of Alchemists in 1420 in a European city, you are always eager to create new recipes that will unveil the mysteries of the world. After a long period of inaction, vendors have returned from the Far East and brought 26 new, unexplored ingredients for you. You should master the use of these ingredients by creating new formulas. The Master Alchemist provided guidance on how to take best advantage of them, and now it's time to prove that you are the most capable alchemists! WordCraft is an area control, word game, with strategic paths to victory . Craft words using the 26 letter cards, focus on the achievement cards, score the most experience points, and win. Can you find the best word in WordCraft? —description from the publisher The 26 letters of the English alphabet are separated in 5 categories based on the frequency they appear in the English vocabulary. On each of the 3 rounds of the game, only some letters from each category will be available for the players to use them. On their turn, they form words with the available letters and they indicate which letters they used by placing cubes on the Letter cards. By the end of the round, only the players with the majority of the cubes on each Letter card will score experience points. Furthermore, through the game there are 4 different Achievement cards that can get fulfilled on every turn by using the available letters in certain ways. By the end of the 3rd round, all players will score more experience points depending on how many times they fulfilled these objectives. Players not only they try to think of words using the available letters but they also want to earn the most points by taking good advantage of the more rare letters and the objectives on the Achievement cards.


Aantal spelers2 - 4
Speelduur (min.)25 - 40
MerkArtipia Games
EAN Code0700615556281

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